Climate Change

What isClimate the Climate Challenge?

The Climate Challenge is a voluntary program dedicated to helping participating ski areas reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reap other benefits in their operations, such as reducing costs for energy use.

How Will a Ski Area Benefit?

In addition to taking a leadership role in the industry's efforts to fight climate change, the ski area will directly benefit from participation in the program.


Ski Industry Climate and Sustainability Partners Chart  (member only access)

 Watch EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy applaud the Climate Challenge

Cc Report

PDF  2017 Climate Challenge Results

PDF  2016 Climate Challenge Results

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2018 Climate Challenge Enrollment Form

 For background information on the Climate Challenge, click here.

2018 Climate Challenge Renewal Form

 Applications are due by May 18, 2018.


Ski areas across the country adopted an Environmental Charter in 2000 to address the environmental concerns of our industry. The Charter, commonly referred to as "Sustainable Slopes," identifies climate change as a potential threat to the environment and our business. Although we are not a major source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, many resorts across the country already are taking steps to reduce their own, limited GHG emissions.

To collectively address the long-term challenges presented by climate change and continue our commitment to stewardship under the Sustainable Slopes program, we hereby adopt this climate change policy. Through this policy, we aim to raise awareness of the potential impacts of climate change on our weather-dependant business and the winter recreation experience; reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions; and encourage others to take action as well. We are committed to working toward solutions that will keep both the environment and economy healthy and preserve quality of life. To this end, we will take the following actions:

  • Educate the public and resort guests about the dependence of winter sports on natural ecosystems and the potential impacts of climate change on the winter recreation experience; educate guests on how they can help reduce GHG emissions.
  • Raise policy maker awareness of the dependence of winter sports on natural ecosystems and the potential impacts of climate change on the winter recreation experience.
  • Advocate the national reduction of GHG emissions through legislative, regulatory or voluntary measures.
  • Support sound, science-based solutions to climate change, including the use of renewable energy technologies.
  • Partner with appropriate organizations and agencies to assess opportunities to reduce resort emissions and increase energy efficiency; invest in new, more efficient products, practices and technologies; and measure our emission reductions. 

Climate Change Advocacy

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