Fall Education Seminars offer topics related to risk management and safety. Topics cover the range from summer operations to winter operations - all meant to give you tools and ideas you can bring back to your area. 

The Rapidly Evolving Landscape of Safety and Risk Management

From advances in technology and heightened guest expectations, to changes in demographics, inventive legal strategies, and increased attacks on waivers, our risk management culture is evolving, often for the better. We will explore this perceptible shift through case studies covering a number of diverse claims, including terrain parks, lifts, ski lessons, tubing, and concession agreements. We’ll also highlight a variety of common-sense best practices from other areas that anticipate these heightened expectations from guests.

Electronic Records and Data Collection: How They are Vastly Improving Incident Investigations

With rapid advances in affordable software and tablet hardware, coupled with often poor record keeping, ski resorts are recognizing the significant value of going paperless. From electronic checklists and inspections to waivers, releases, and incident reports, this new technology is more relevant than ever. We will assess the pros and cons of this shift and discuss the relative costs. But to reinforce the value equation, we’ll conduct a full blown demonstration—all electronic—of a catastrophic terrain park incident, soup to nuts. These incidents have the potential to turn into serious claims and lawsuits, so to meld these two separate concepts, we’ll also provide an in-depth update on overall terrain park claims and the new tools available to help with terrain park operations and management.

Thanks for Sharing: Peer-to-Peer Perspectives on Industry Hot Topics

To facilitate interactive sharing and creative thinking on best practices—think speed dating—we will rotate you through a number of separate groups (with knowledgeable, pre-assigned leaders) to discuss a series of diverse topics, all culled from real-life incidents at ski areas. A fruitful discussion of these varied topics—including the Americans with Disabilities Act, surveillance, drones, release management, and the intricacies of certificates of insurance—will provide useful perspectives to help areas consider operations in a new light.

How Social Media and Technology Can Positively Impact Risk Management

Ski resorts are very adept at leveraging all manner of social media—at least in their marketing departments. But there’s a powerful (and affordable) role that social media can play in risk management and patrol operations as well. Your marketing department likely has social media search tools in place that can play a corresponding role in incident investigation. Using these social media platforms can shed light on activities and provide useful information about a person that can help fill the gap in understanding what actually happened in some guest (or employee) incidents. Simply opening up the lines of communication and fostering inter-departmental cross pollination between marketing, patrol, and mountain operations may help protect the area from costly claims and litigation—before they rise to the level of a formal lawsuit.