Model for Growth - History

In May 2000, The Model for Growth was introduced as a method for critically analyzing the future of the ski/snowboard industry. You'll recall that the initial value of the Model was its ability to identify and quantify the impacts of various obstacles that needed to be overcome to grow the sport-unfavorable demographic trends, time poverty, increased alternative leisure activities and an overweight population. Resorts have responded by developing a variety of "hardware" methods to combat these issues: state-of-the-art learning centers, ticket, lesson and equipment deals, increased attention to beginner equipment and employee incentives. In return, more first timers are trying snowsports. In fact, trial has actually maxed at a number of resorts near urban centers, especially during peak times. While these tangible efforts are encouraging, conversion has emerged as the predominant roadblock in the industry's ultimate goal of growing the sport by 10 more

Recognizing this, a "Phase II" of the growth model study has been developed. The program is designed to sustain the momentum created by the Model and to build upon its points to maximize resorts' ability to attract and, more importantly, convert new participants.

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  • Phase II: Summary of Pro Panel and Consumer Panel meetings - 09.2002
  • Phase II: Ten Strategies for Conversion - 11.2002
  • Phase II: Overview of Beginner Research Findings - 03.2003
  • Final Synthesis of Findings - 07.2003
  • Youth Focus Group - 10.2003
  • Building Momentum: Findings from the NSAA Test Sites - 03.2004
  • The Way We Grow 05.06
    • Part I - The Drivers for Industry Growth
    • Part II - The Regional Models for Growth
    • Part III - The Net Promoter Concept
    • Part IV - A Look at Future Directions
  • Future Demographics Series Supplement 05.08
    • Part I - U.S. Population Trends
    • Part II - The Northeast
    • Part III - The New South
    • Part IV - Middle America
    • Part V - The West