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Law Firm

Member Benefits and Pricing

Complimentary NSAA Membership Directory And Company Listing

Your complimentary copy of the NSAA Membership Directory will help you contact potential clients. It lists NSAA ski area, supplier, affiliated, allied, and associated member addresses, phone and fax numbers, and specific individual contacts. And, depending on the time of year you join, your company will be listed in the annual directory. The directory is also accessible through our website and is continuously updated.

Product/Service Exposure

We offer three annual opportunities to exhibit and/or attend NSAA Tradeshows. These shows offer you an excellent opportunity to expose your products and/or services to personnel from ski areas in a single venue.

Inexpensive Marketing Labels and Information

A great marketing tool-NSAA member information is available in the form of inexpensive mailing labels, lists, or disk format for direct mailings and personalized correspondence to potential clients.

Continued Industry Education

Topics such as guest service, new industry technology, employee safety, and regulatory issues are covered during tradeshow sessions.

Member Pricing on Industry Information

Significant discounts on industry studies will keep you abreast of industry trends-such as the Economic Analysis of United States Ski Areas, National Demographic Survey, Kottke End of Season Survey, plus more. All resource materials are listed in the NSAA Online Store.

NSAA Journal

The NSAA Journal is a periodical that is produced six (6) times per year. The articles featured will keep you current on key industry trends, technologies and issues impacting the on-snow industry.

National Discount Programs

Our members can enroll in programs with FedEx®, Yellow Freight, and Avis for significant savings.

Law Firm Member Dues Structure

Law Firm Membership dues for the year begin July 1 and end June 30. Regardless of the timing of membership, dues are never prorated and the membership year will start and stop on the dates listed above. Please refer to this PDFSample Invoice for a breakdown of Law Firm Member dues pricing structure.