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Sediment Source Control Handbook

Sierra Business Council


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Erosion is one of the most pressing and widespread environmental threats to watersheds throughout North America. Much of the available erosion control research is difficult to apply directly to ski area operations. The Sediment Source Control Handbook presents a set of principles and practices for addressing erosion control and watershed restoration projects in a logical and adaptive manner. This Handbook was developed through a collaborative effort by the California Alpine Resorts Environmental Cooperative – a consortium of ski areas, regulatory personnel and research practitioners – to bridge the gap between research and implementation. This user-friendly Handbook lays out an adaptive management approach (in the form of Guiding Principles) for planning, implementing, monitoring and continually improving the effectiveness of erosion control and restoration projects in and beyond ski resorts. The Handbook includes a toolkit of field-tested best practices and a literature summary on erosion processes and treatments. This Handbook is not a simplistic how-to guide or a cookbook of erosion control treatments. Rather, it is a comprehensive roadmap and set of tools to achieve successful erosion control and restoration projects, low-impact facilities improvements and ongoing maintenance requirements.