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Trail Solutions: IMBA's Guide to Building Sweet Singletrack



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(2004) Trail Solutions is IMBA's premier trailbuidling resource. This 272-page book combines cutting-edge trailbuilding techniques with proven fundamentals in a colorful, easy-to-read format. Trail Solutions is complimented by Managing Mountain Biking: IMBA''''s Guide to Providing Great Riding, a 256-page book that focuses on solutions to mountain biking managment issues. Together, the two books provide a complete resource for better trail recreation. Packed with more than 130 photos and 50 original illustrations, Trail Solutions is an essential too.l for land managers and volunteer trail builders aspiring to raise their shared-use trail systems to the next level. The book is divided into eight sections that follow the trailbuilding process form beginning to end. Readers will be guided through the essential steps of trail planning, design, tool selection, construction, and maintenance Trail Solutions also describes how to secure funding and support volunteers to get the job done. It covers new ground by providing detailed advice on bermed turns, rock armoring, mechanized tools, freeriding, downhilling, and other pioneerin techniques.