Registration Fees

Exhibitor – with listing                                          $400 per company
Includes one company listing, as well as one unique log-in to participate in virtual events and educational sessions as listed on the agenda, as well as one (1) complimentary copy of the NSAA member database in excel.
Exhibitor with listing – Addl. Attendee         $75 per attendee

Supplier – no listing                                     $250 per attendee
Includes one unique log-in to participate in virtual events and educational sessions as listed on the agenda, as well as one (1) complimentary copy of the NSAA member database in excel. Does NOT include virtual exhibit space.
Supplier no listing – Addl. Attendee         $250 per attendee

A supplier company must be an NSAA member in order to participate in the National Convention.
In order to register you must be logged in to our site.


If you are a member, click the Log In button below to start the registration process:

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Non Members

If you are not a member of NSAA, but would like to become one, click on the button below to learn more:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Whova? What does it do? How do I get access to Whova? Will you help me learn how to use Whova?

Whova is an event hosting platform available on desktop and apps for both iOS and Android. Participants will use this platform to interact with each other and participate in sessions. As a registered attendee you will receive an email from Whova in early May with directions on how to access the desktop version and set up your personal account to participate in the event. You’ll also receive information on how to download the app to a mobile device (phone or tablet).
If you register as an “exhibitor” and plan to create a virtual exhibit to showcase your product or service, you will receive a separate email with a unique link to set-up your “space.”

Will you help me learn how to use Whova?

NSAA has posted videos here to help familiarize you with Whova and how to get the most out of your experience.

What are the registration options?

  • Exhibitor, with listing: $400 per company (one login); includes one (1) database pull per company, $75 (per additional login)
  • Supplier, no listing: $250 per attendee (one login), additional log-ins are the same price, includes one (1) database pull per company

How do I register?

You can register online at > Events > 2021 National Convention. Each registration will receive an invitation to access the Whova app where they will be able to view the live presentations and engage with other attendees.

Do I have to register online?

Yes, you will need to provide a unique email address, and pay with a credit card.

Can I register multiple people at the same time?

Yes, you may register multiple people at the same time when registering yourself online. Each person you register requires a unique email address and you will need to pay with a credit card.

Can an admin assistant register other people? Can I add people later?

Yes, an admin assistant can register other people as long as they do so with the email/login of one of the people who will be attending the conference. Whova requires a unique email address for each individual attendee.

I've registered, what now? How do I access the event?

After registering, you will receive an email from Whova providing a link and instructions to access the app or desktop site. Once logged in to either, you can view the schedule, access the individual sessions, and interact with other attendees and suppliers.

How do I interact with other attendees?

There are a variety of ways to interact in Whova. You can post comments in specific sessions, send messages (privately or publicly) to other attendees including suppliers, arrange meet-ups, and even schedule one-on-one video chats.

Exhibitor Set-Up FAQ

Is there a limit on the number of exhibitors?

No, there is no cap on number of exhibitors.

When can I set up my exhibit information in Whova?

Once you have registered, you will be given a specific login for Whova to set up your virtual space as a supplier attendee. Click here for more information on the Whova Exhibitor space.

How can I best utilize Whova to interact with attendees?

You will be able to schedule private Zoom meetings and virtual meets via the Whova app. Additionally, you can share useful resources, conduct giveaways, schedule live showcases, and feature videos.

Do I have to take down the content I use in my exhibitor space?

No. All of the content and information will be accessible to attendees through Whova for six months after the event, and after that time period will be removed automatically.

What is NSAA going to get people to view Exhibitor virtual spaces?

NSAA will be educating its members on the various elements of the virtual National Convention, including Supplier Meet Ups & Appointments. Advanced planning and marketing via the Whova app and through your company’s own communications channels is critical to the success of your presence at the event. Let attendees know you will be at the National show, and schedule times to connect with your clients and prospective clients directly. We ask that you make sure those times don’t conflict with any of our scheduled programming.

Can I get a list of who visited my exhibitor space?

Yes, if you put up a Lead Generation form or run a contest through the Whova app. Click here for the step-by-step instructions on Whova’s Lead Generation form.

Can I get an attendee list after the event?


What do I have access to as an exhibitor?

As a registered attendee you have access to all of the conference sessions, events and networking opportunities.

I want to run a contest to get more people to check out my booth, what do I need to do?

Please review this Whova Guide, it will walk you through your exhibitor space set-up, inclusive of giveaways and contests.

Why should I sign up to exhibit? Will anyone really pay attention to the exhibitors?

As with traditional tradeshows, you get out of it what you put into it. NSAA provides the platform for the event and enables you to connect and network with a virtual presence as opposed to in-person connections.