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Avalanche Blasting Resource Guide 2018



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AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE BY MEMBERS ONLY - The Avalanche Blasting Resource Guide (2018) will be extremely helpful in training resort employees with avalanche hazard mitigation duties. The Guide addresses requirements for handling and storage of explosives under the federal Safe Explosives Act and Department of Homeland Security regulations. It also covers Explosives Storage, Explosives Components, Site Control, Communications, Transport, Hand Charging, Assembly, No-Light Procedures, Cornice Blasting, Avalauncher Recommendations, Military Artillery Program, Unrecovered Misfire Reporting, Sample Recordkeeping and an FAA Manual on Aerial Explosives Deployment. The Guide includes a step-by-step curriculum, with accompanying PowerPoint slides on a thumb drive, to enable resorts to train relevant personnel on this important topic. Every resort that stores or uses explosives would benefit from purchasing this state-of-the-art Guide. The 360 page Guide is available for NSAA and AAA (American Avalanche Association) members only.