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 Thursday, May 3

2:00pm - 2:45pm

What’s New from Inntopia
Trevor Crist, CEO, Inntopia

Calusa 9 

After acquiring Ryan Solutions and DestiMetrics in 2016, 2017 was followed by record growth and lots of exciting developments with the product and team. Come learn about the latest features and services from the integrated platforms, as well as the combined vision for the future and how that’s shaping up.

Wintersteiger: The Future of Rental
Wes Price, Sales Manager

Calusa 10 

The future is here! Wintersteiger’s future of rental concept integrates new technology into a largely automated Rental process. This newly introduced concept features systems and products which will reduce cycle times, increase guest experience and improve overall profits for any slope side rental shop

3:00pm - 3:45pm

An accesso Update
Mark Danemann, President, accesso Siriusware

Calusa 9 

Join accesso for an update on new enhancements to their accesso Siriusware and accesso Passport solutions built specifically for the mountain resort industry. From award-winning eCommerce to all the essential features you’ll need for every point-of-sale throughout your mountain resort, accesso has you covered! These topics and more will be discussed in a session designed both for existing and potential users. As always you will have an opportunity to bring up site-specific topics and general questions.

Flaik: Better Data, Better Ski Schools? Challenges & Opportunities for Real Time Data-Driven Decision Making
Steve Kenny, CEO, flaik

Calusa 10 

We’ve all heard the promises that big data will make our businesses better. Better data = better decisions = better lessons = good times for everyone. But how do we move past this awkward stage where we get overwhelmed with raw data or are delivered sanitized post-season reports when you can no longer change the outcome? How do we find insights in the data that can support us in making better decisions in real time? What is the difference between high level vanity data that just makes us feel good and data that is actually useful and actionable? And what kind of questions would really help us to answer with data anyway? Come help us explore these questions.

4:00pm - 4:45pm

Ecommerce Funnel: Weather Variability, Consumer Confidence and Pricing Power
Evan Reece, CEO, Liftopia

Calusa 9 

Liftopia will first take a look back at trends and data from the 17/18 season. We will then discuss the long term impact of increased weather variability/climate change on pricing power and how to manage consumer confidence shifts within overall pricing strategy.

Transaction Resources, Inc.: CardDog’s Secure Payment Solution for Credit Card Processing
Jack Waller, CTO, TRI; David Frick, President, TRI

Calusa 10 

CardDog’s Argos is revolutionizing payment processing in the ski industry. You will learn how Argos works with End to End Encryption and Tokenization in Pin Pads integrated to your ticketing system. Furthermore, learn how this drastically reduces your company’s chance of a credit card data breach and the scope of work required to be PCI DSS compliant. We will review the numerous online reports and tools available for financial management and reconciliation. Argos has integrated with top ticketing systems in the ski industry; we will cover those along with future integrations. We look forward to seeing you at our session!