Robert Tucker 

Driving Growth Through Innovation: How Leading Firms are Transforming Their Futures

Robert Tucker, President, Innovation Resource Group

When was the last time you focused on upgrading your ability to conceive and introduce new product, service, process and strategy ideas? Could it be that you are using yesterday’s methods to manage today’s complex marketplace challenges?

This dynamic, example-filled presentation, will give you an overview of the important findings reported in Tucker’s bestseller, Driving Growth Through Innovation. Tucker will take you and your colleagues on a guided tour inside 23 Innovation Vanguard companies. You’ll discover cutting edge methods for building innovation into a powerful source of growth, profits, and competitive advantage. You’ll learn unconventional approaches for turning innovation into a systematic, imbedded process, and be motivated to take action in your firm.

As a result of attending this session, you will know how to capitalize on innovation to rev up growth. Know how to map out and implement a superior approach to inventing the future – one that will enable you and your resort to exploit new markets, win new customers, and grow revenue from new sources. Be energized and inspired by real world examples of companies that revved up growth in moribund markets. Know how to motivate your people with proven, powerful methods that spark “out of the box” thinking and be able to create a company-wide system to ensure that good ideas don’t get lost – or show up in the hands of competitors!