Arrival Day Programs

 Tuesday, February 4th

11:00am - 12:00pm

How Do You Engage Your Guests?

John Collins, Sales and Product Marketing, ACTIVE Network
Engaged guests are loyal guests. Engaged guests spend more with you – more time, more money. Engaged guests bring friends along for the ride.  ACTIVE’s RTP|ONE LivePass is focused on engagement. Drive tailored and interactive content right to their mobile device. Communicate what’s important when it’s important.  Nurture awareness with integrated social sharing. Simplify purchases with cashless payments.  Come see LivePass in action and learn Emerging Snowmaking  

PRINOTH:  Shaping Your Future

Come and see the future of park and grooming technologies with the PRINOTH team

12:15pm - 1:15pm

How Liftopia Optimizes Cloud Store and
Methods, Tools, and Case Studies

Dave Nuffer, Product Manager, Liftopia
Learn how to use historical and real-time data to determine highly optimized pricing,  inform product development, and build marketing strategies. Liftopia will review best practices in data driven decision making.    

Technologies and Integrated Solutions

Geir Vik, President of TechnoAlpin  USA
Two successful companies have merged, TechnoAlpin and myNiege. Come hear the benefits and considerations of integrating two highly developed automatic  technologies, fan and air/water guns. If you currently run snowmaking equipment from either of these two companies, or are considering the purchase of new snowmaking equipment, this will be the perfect opportunity to have all your questions answered.