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Does SWAG accept donations from the general public?

No, we only accept retired resort uniforms. It’s difficult to manage public donations in addition to the volume we receive from our ski areas. When we receive resort uniforms, we can easily perform quality control, manage inventory and more efficiently distribute sizes to our NGOs. Rather that donate a personal coat to SWAG, consider finding a coat drive run by a local non-profit in your area! Look into organizations like The Salvation Army, Good Will, One Warm Coat, and Coats for Colorado.

How does my resort participate in this program?

In order to take part in the SWAG program, please complete and return the participation form. (link to Participation Form) Once your form has been processed, you will be assigned a warehouse, and will receive detailed packing and shipping information.

What types of garments does SWAG accept?

SWAG accepts clean winter outerwear in good working order (zippers that zip, snaps that snap, etc.) Typical items include ski jackets, fleece jackets and pullovers, softshell jackets, vests and ski pants.

Who covers the cost of shipping?

Donors are responsible for the shipping their garments to their assigned NGO warehouse; all of these warehouses are located within the United States. Our partners will cover all of the overseas shipping expenses which include in-country shipping fees, fuel surcharges, fumigation fees, and remote area surcharges.

Do I ship my donation directly to the NSAA office?

No, please do not ship items to the NSAA office. Our offices cannot accommodate those shipments. Once we process your participation form, we will assign you to one of our NGO warehouses, provide you with their shipping address, and you will send your items to them directly.

Are there particular guidelines for packing up our donation?

Yes. Please follow these guidelines when shipping your garments:

  • Use sturdy boxes
  • Limit the weight of each box to 35 lbs.
  • Label the contents on the inside and outside of each box using this form

Do we need to remove patches/company logos?

No. All of the collected items are sent to overseas countries, allowing resorts to feel comfortable leaving patches and logos on their garments.