Why Texas? A Note from Kelly Pawlak

It’s been a minute since NSAA hosted the National Convention and Tradeshow in Texas. In fact, the last time we visited the Lone Star state was in 2012, in San Antonio. That location was influenced by Michael Berry who was trying to please the eastern and western members who were concerned about lengthy travel. The solution? Meet in the middle.

This time around, the decision to host the convention in Texas was influenced by the pandemic (what didn’t it influence?!). NSAA contracts its events out several years in advance. When we had to cancel our in-person events for two years in a row, it left us with hefty deposits to use in the future or lose. Once we could meet again safely, we reached out to the venues holding our deposits only to be politely told to “take a number.” Turns out we weren’t the only group looking to rebook. 

We were able to piece the multi-year puzzle together, with the exception of 2024. We were an event without a home and started scouring meeting space for a venue that could fit us. That was back in 2022. You can call it a leap of faith, but when we first visited the OMNI PGA Frisco, there was nothing — just a large open space with construction in the beginning stages. Having worked with the Omni group for years, we were excited with the vision they shared, and, in the end, we think they delivered on it.

We received feedback from several of our members ranging from, “Can’t wait!” to disagreement with Texas’ legislative actions and politics, to “I was hoping to stick my toes in the sand.” Well, we can deliver on the beach - we’ll be in Marco Island, FL, in 2025. The more difficult part is selecting a location where the history and politics aligns with our values – especially when we are booking several years in advance. Please know that we hear you; your input has driven many conversations at NSAA. As a membership organization, we will always try to apply your feedback to our decisions.

I do hope you will join us in Frisco. I personally have visited twice and some of my favorite parts about the OMNI PGA Frisco are:

  • It’s brand new – opened less than 1 year ago
  • The staff are top notch - very friendly and helpful
  • Yes, they have a spa for those of you who could use a little TLC after a long (or, too short) winter
  • There are four pools to relax by (and no pesky sand to track back to your room)
  • You can park your car and forget it, or you can venture into Frisco (20 mins away) – Learn more
  • Whether you are a scratch golfer or a once-a-year gal like me, there is golf for all levels. They even have a lit, massive putting green called the Dance Floor
  • We are planning an outdoor Closing Night concert on Thursday! We suggest dancing shoes and booking a late flight out on Friday.
  • Cool things you will want to see and ask about: The giant tree that greets you when you arrive, the crystal horse in the Trick Rider restaurant and, Jen Larson’s favorite, the adult’s-only pool.

Ultimately, it’s the people who make this event the massive success that it has always been. The National Convention is a key opportunity to unite our industry, and celebrate the bonding power of snowsports. I hope you and your team will choose to join us; you can register here.
We can’t wait to see you in Frisco and always welcome your feedback,