Partners in Inclusion

Together Outdoors

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NSAA is proud to be a member of ORR's Together Outdoors program. This program focuses on helping recreation associations and other related entities be more inclusive, attract and retain diverse talent and understand systemic barriers to participation. Learn more about the organization and its work on their website.

Employee Engagement and Inclusion Survey - Supported by PepsiCo

NSAA is working to learn more about the ski industry workforce and the diverse identities among our resort employees, and understand the degree to which they feel included and engaged. It's critical to the future of our industry to have unique voices at the table, especially since the next generation of leaders is the most diverse generation in this nation's history. NSAA wishes to thank PepsiCo for their support over the past two seasons to help make this report a reality.

Support Outdoor and Ski-Focused Organizations

Support organizations or programs that address equality and diversity through partnerships or donations. NSAA has listed specific organizations which we have worked with or highlighted in our publications.

Are you part of an organization with a mission to broaden access to outdoor recreation? If you want to share your story or want to talk about how to make snowsports more inclusive - we are listening. Send us an email, and let's start a conversation.