The environment is a ski area's number one asset

Ski areas provide a quality outdoor recreation experience in a manner that complements the natural environment. We are committed to improving environmental performance in all aspects of our operations and managing our areas to allow for the continued enjoyment by future generations.

Learn more about how NSAA is working toward a sustainable future for the mountain resort industry.

Sustainable Slopes

A sustainability framework for ski areas and the people who visit them. 

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Outdoor Business Climate Partnership

See how three national outdoor associations are finding bipartisan climate solutions.

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Climate Challenge

Specifically designed for ski areas to help them inventory, target and reduce their carbon emissions.

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Climate Change Advocacy

NSAA advocates for climate solutions at the federal level, and assists states with their climate initiatives.

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The best of the best in sustainability

For 25 years, NSAA's Golden Eagle Awards for Environmental Excellence have highlighted the best in ski area sustainability. Get inspired by our Golden Eagle Award winners.

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