Mountains are for everyone

Racism and inequality have no place in our communities.

NSAA joins with countless other voices in America in saying we can do better. We will not shy away from difficult conversations. It is our responsibility not only to listen, but to use our privilege to inspire action.

NSAA aims to serve as an asset to our members as we listen, learn and come together to act. We recognize that you are the voice of your brand to your staff, guests and the public. We will provide assistance by offering resources and education opportunities to the ski industry on issues of diversity, equity and inclusivity. We hope you will join the conversation, welcome and amplify diverse voices, and take action.

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What NSAA pledges to do:

1. Facilitate Internal Growth

  • Increase DEI training among our staff
  • Conduct regular discussions around the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • See below for information on some of the trainings in which NSAA has invested

2. Provide Education and Resources to Membership

  • Continue to feature content related to diversity, equity and inclusion in our education programming
  • Invite diverse speakers to present at our education events
  • Include DEI-related content and introduce diverse writers in NSAA Journal

3. Lead By Example

  • Support ski area and outdoor industry initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion in snowsports
  • Support non-profit associations dedicated to inclusivity and growth in snowsports and outdoor recreation

NSAA's Participation

NSAA has dedicated time to learning, listening and working in various programs. We undertake each task to further our own knowledge, awareness, and influence in Snowsports inclusion; and to help find resources that we may recommend to our member ski areas for their own growth. We enter all of these experiences knowing this work is not a finite process. We understand that each program is another step in our journey, as an organization and as an industry, and recognize that our work never truly ends.

Unconscious Bias Training With Laura Moriarty

NSAA staff took unconscious bias training through Laura Moriarty's Awaken! virtual platform. The program includes individual learning modules, group discussion boards, and virtual face-to-face discussions, and is highly effective for senior leaders and managers. The self-paced training takes 7 hours over a period of 1-2 weeks, with live follow-up sessions as needed to ensure execution. Find more information here . You can also read more about Laura's work, as well as our staff experience with her training, in the NSAA Journal article below.

NSAA Growth Committee: Focus on DEI

damaris price

NSAA's Growth Committee held three virtual meetings in lieu of the traditional in-person meeting at the National Convention. Over these meetings, NSAA decided to focus on developing and creating opportunities for a more inclusive experience with a diverse population. The Committee worked with Damaris Patterson Price, principal for Working River Leadership, on a multitude of inclusion-related topics. Check out the featured panelists from one of the meetings. 

MEMBERS: Click here to access the second session with the marketing panel. 

Snowsports Industry Leadership Inclusion Coaching

NSAA President Kelly Pawlak has joined leaders of PSIA/AASI (Professional Ski Instructors), National Ski Patrol, Share Winter, Outdoor Industries of America and Snowsports Industries of America to meet twice a week for six months to tackle issues of race, diversity and inclusion in the snowsports industry led by Chief Inclusion Officer of Inclusion on the Slopes, Dr. Gerilyn Davis. As Kelly describes it: "I am very fortunate to be part of inclusion training by Dr. Gerilyn Davis. This is a very deep dive using Dr. Davis’ SWORD system which focuses on using your individual strengths to approach life and business in an inclusive manner, which ultimately leads to greater diversity."

  • See an example of the type of resources included in their SWORD training by watching this video.
  • An excerpt from Dr. Davis: "Many organizations focus so much on the diversity and yet not realizing with inclusion diversity comes automatic, equity as well when done right. Diversity brings a connotation that majority members aren't included for this effort and that this effort is about adding someone else when it's about us all connecting to each other. Master inclusion and it prepares the entire organizational framework for the future."

Educational Resources

NSAA is focused on providing resources within the skiing and outdoor recreation spaces. The goal of these specific resources is to illustrate issues in the snowsports industry and in our greater outdoor community. There are myriad resources for understanding systemic racism and education for being actively anti-racist. You can find a list of some of those resources here.

Inclusion and Outdoor Recreation

Human Resources

Skiing and Outdoor Organizations

Support organizations or programs that address equality and diversity through partnerships or donations. NSAA has listed specific organizations which we have worked with or highlighted in our publications.

Are you part of an organization with a mission to broaden access to outdoor recreation? If you want to share your story or want to talk about how to make snowsports more inclusive - we are listening. Send us an email, and let's start a conversation.