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Climate change is the number one threat to the snowsports industry.
NSAA and its member resorts are taking action.

Ski Industry Climate Change Policy

NSAA supports policy tools that propel our nation’s transition to an equitable clean energy economy, sustain healthy ecosystems and allow for a lifetime of outdoor recreation experiences for all:

  • Regulatory standards and legislation to curb carbon emissions
  • Investments to accelerate the transition to a zero-emissions economy including research, jobs, green infrastructure, and permit reform
  • Incentives for renewable energy and storage, cleaner transportation, clean technology innovation and natural carbon storage solutions
  • Justice and Equity for underserved communities, including communities of color, in the transition to a clean energy economy
  • Pricing carbon pollution to incentivize reductions in carbon emissions across the board
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Our Pledge

NSAA pledges to take the following actions:

  • Engage in advocacy with key policy makers in support of the adoption of standards and legislation to curb carbon emissions
  • Raise awareness among policy makers on the impacts of climate change on the ski industry and rural communities
  • Take a leadership role in facilitating ski area engagement of the 10 million snowsports participants on climate action and advocacy
  • Provide its members with education, tools and programs to reduce carbon emissions in their operations and green their supply chains
  • Support members in their engagement with their state and local utility to decarbonize the grid
  • Support research and funding of adaptation, resiliency and restoration measures that will protect the outdoor experiences enjoyed by millions of Americans, and ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the benefits of mountain recreation
  • Lead as part of the Outdoor Business Climate Partnership (NSAA, OIA and SIA) to leverage the outdoor recreation industry’s economic, political and social influence in support of bipartisan climate solutions
  • Collaborate with other industries and business coalitions in support of climate change solutions to strengthen our voice and maximize our effectiveness
  • Offer resources and education opportunities to our members on diversity, equity and inclusivity and promote Justice and Equity in the context of climate change impacts and solutions
  • Broaden our climate partnerships to ensure lasting and equitable climate change solutions

This brief Ted talk from Ceres CEO and President Mindy Lubber addresses how we can make progress in the next 7 years in cutting emissions in half and avoiding the severest climate change consequences. Lubber highlights the role that the private sector can play in accelerating the transition to a green energy economy by setting goals, taking action, and reporting on progress.

Climate Advocacy Work

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Historical Advocacy Work

Climate Resiliency

To better help ski areas enhance their sustainability and overall resilience, climate action measures must be taken to reduce future risk. We may not be able to stop climate change alone, but we can take actions to reduce emissions and adapt to climate impacts. Ski area members that are endorsers of Sustainable Slopes and/or Climate Challengers have access to the Climate Resiliency Toolkit, a comprehensive document developed by NSAA and Brendle Group.

Access the Toolkit

 Climate Portion of Build Back Better (BBB)

NSAA joined forces with Ceres, CCL, We Mean Business, B Lab and others to line up business support for the Build Back Better legislation. This Letter from 400 businesses shows strong support for the packages’ robust investment in clean energy and includes many ski area and state ski association signatories. We have not given up on advocating for passage of the climate portion of the bill to ensure a resilient economy and sustainable future for the U.S.

America Is All In

America is all in  

AMERICA IS ALL IN is the most expansive coalition of leaders ever assembled in support of climate action in the United States. The coalition is working alongside the federal government to develop a national climate strategy that meets the urgency of the climate crisis, scaling climate action around the country to empower workers and communities, and promoting the leadership of non-federal actors on the world stage. It is easy to join by creating an account – click here – and join the hundreds of businesses and organizations calling for stronger national action on climate.